The Customer Advisor Tchaikovsky (Russian speaker)


Can you compose the perfect answer to a customer’s question? Communicate with the grace and balance of a ballet dancer? If so, we have the perfect job for you!

The company:


You have the opportunity to join a global people-driven company that delivers Customer Experiences to some of the world’s biggest brands – though Russia is still bigger.


You will become a part of this exciting international project with a multicultural environment in the city of Porto.

Your aim:

- be the front line of support for clients and customers, to ensure that they are satisfied with products, services, and features.

- directly interact with customers offering solutions in order to enable them to take advantage of the services they require;

- being part of a team specialized in offering support through written and verbal communication;

- support customers by providing helpful information, answering questions and responding to complaints.

Prefered skills:

- you are highly proficient at Russian;

- you understand that client’s needs are like a matryoshka doll, and need to be unpacked fully to be solved;

- you enjoy having direct contact with customers;

- you possess clear communication skills;

- you have a friendly and approachable personality;

- you are independent like a bear and can plan and manage your own time and tasks.

In Portugal you will experience a country with great food where you can watch a football match and enjoy an excellent glass of Port Wine while listening to traditional Fado music.

We would love to get to know you, so get in contact with us and let us be dazzled!

In order to proceed with the recruitment process, please take this free quick 15-minute English test and send us a photo/screenshot of the final result (mandatory):

(if you are a non-EU applicant, make sure you have a valid work permit)

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