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Nomadic IT Recruiter

Remote with 100% Geographic Freedom


How to begin...

I'm writing this ad on my laptop while I'm drinking coconut water in a little cute cafe by the beach in the Philippines.


Yap, I'm a digital nomad!


My best friend and I wanted to travel while generating revenue for a looong time, but we simply couldn't find an opportunity that was 100% remote and would allow us to work from anywhere in the world.


So, we decided to open 7 Lives three years ago and we've been traveling and growing our company since then.


And guess what? We are hiring!!! 

We are looking for someone that shares the same mindset as us and wants to grow their career without sacrificing freedom.


But... what's the job exactly?

7 Lives is a Portuguese firm specialised in IT Recruitment & Selection that works across the globe. 

Basically, we help companies (mostly tech ones) find amazing professionals.

So your job would consist of:

  • Sourcing potential candidates that suit the client's desired profile;

  • Introducing the job offer to the candidates through a phone screen;

  • Conducting job interviews (most of them will be technical ones);

  • Presenting the interviewed candidates to our clients via email;

  • Monitoring all the phases of the recruitment process.

If you are thinking: "I would looove to do that"  but you are not sure if you have what it takes...

Let me tell you what we are looking for:

  • Full English proficiency;

  • Bachelor in any field;

  • Good internet connection;

  • Portuguese work permit/citizenship;

  • Eagerness to learn; 

  • Work efficiency and quick response (not going to lie, our work pace is freaking quick!).

If you see yourself as an efficient, resourceful, fast learner and multitasking type of person, then this job might suit you well!


In case you are reading this and saying to your screen: "I have that! But what do I actually gain from working with you?"

Well, you get:

  • ​Full remote job;

  • Geographical freedom;

  • Freelance contract;

  • Commissions per each of your candidates that our clients hire; They range from 1000€ to 3000€ depending on the seniority of the candidate (junior, mid-senior and senior);

  • Performance bonuses;

  • Training; Tech recruitment is a position with a high demand on the market, so learning IT recruitment it’s a pretty damn good decision.
    And the good news is... we will teach you from scratch everything you need to know to recruit tech talent. To start we will provide you with a training course (check it out here) and then you will learn on the job with the guidance of more experienced IT recruiters.

If you think this is THE job for you, talk to us!




In order to continue the process, don't forget to send us the following authorization, along with your CV!
I authorize the processing of my personal data by 7 Lives, Lda. in accordance with the law in force, within the scope of its activities, for the purposes of Recruitment & Selection and activities related to human resources.  In accordance with the law, I have been informed that I am guaranteed the right to access, rectify and delete my personal data processed within the scope of this database. 
If you wish to access, rectify or delete your personal data, you must contact 7 Lives at the following email address:

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