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IT HR Hunter - Internship (estágio profissional)


7 Lives is a Portuguese consulting firm specialised in Recruitment & Selection that works across the globe. 


The name 7 Lives emerged from the idea of viewing companies as being like cats. As with these animals, organizations have several lives. Our purpose is to reinvigorate the organizations we work with by giving them life through the provision of the best talent. 


We believe that companies are reborn with the best people on their side and a job opportunity can be a real life change for people as well.


In conclusion, we are huge cat lovers! So if you work with us you can expect a company with 7 key cat personality traits:


  • Fearless: 7 lives isn’t afraid of heights. The size of the goal or the difficulty of the challenge doesn't matter. We are resistant to falls and persistent in our goals.

  • Approachable: People are, truly, our best friends. We work ethically, understanding and valuing the individuality of each person.

  • Fast: We don’t rest until we find the job that changes the lives of our candidates and the candidates that can change the life of the company. We always work with speed and efficiency.

  • Loyal: Our job is not just to find a new member for your team. We help to solve any difficulties that may arise later by offering long-term support.

  • Astute: Shrewd evaluation of the candidate and comprehension of the clients requirements.

  • Agile: Adapting to the needs of the client.

  • Curious: Always learning, evolving and growing with experience. Curiosity didn't kill the cat, it made him wiser.

So if you too have a cat personality you can:

- identify and hunt qualified candidate profiles using various sourcing techniques (e.g. Boolean search);

- chase potential candidates on social media and professional networks;
- introduce the job offer to the candidate through a phone screen (don’t let the fur balls block your throat);
- communicate and purrrsuade past applicants to consider new job opportunities;
- contact pawsive candidates;
- handle the entire recruitment process from start to finish matching the most suitable candidates to different positions.

This opportunity is for you if:

- you have some experience in Recruitment & Selection (tech recruitment is a big plus);
- you have solid networking and prowling skills;

- you speak english (other feline languages are a plus);
- you have paws-on experience with sales and/or sourcing techniques (e.g. boolean search strings);
- you have the catitude to have meetings with clients and present an open role to potential candidates.



In order to continue the process, don't forget to send us the following authorization, along with your CV!
I authorize the processing of my personal data by 7 Lives, Lda. in accordance with the law in force, within the scope of its activities, for the purposes of Recruitment & Selection and activities related to human resources.  In accordance with the law, I have been informed that I am guaranteed the right to access, rectify and delete my personal data processed within the scope of this database.
If you wish to access, rectify or delete your personal data, you must contact 7 Lives at the following email address:

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